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Commitment of Care: We strive to maintain the best customer service as we uphold our commitment to quality products, employee respect, environmental responsibility and community awareness.

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About ToughMelt™


ToughMelt™ was born out of 25 years’ experience of supplying ice melter to the commercial snow & ice removal industry. In addition to superior melting performance, it is safer to use and more affordable than Calcium Chloride and other alternatives. ToughMelt™ is tinted green for application efficiency, and is available in 2,000 lb sacks as well as standard 50 lb bags. When you need a serious deicing strategy, ToughMelt™ is formulated to meet your needs. Contact us to locate your nearest distributor today!



About Greenway Products, Inc.


Greenway Products Inc. began in 1980 offering commodity chemicals and custom formulations for area businesses. Our customers came to rely on the way the company could meet their needs, solve their problems, and exceed their expectations. Over thirty-five years later, we are still serving our customers in Metro Knoxville and beyond with that same commitment.

Greenway entered the deicing market in 1990, playing on the strength we had built supplying salt for food and industrial water treatment applications. Today, Greenway has become the go-to source for customers who need ice melter “in the middle of the storm”. When others are short, Greenway performs by partnering with manufacturers nationwide, often working long hours to ensure that our customers are able to meet the demands of their clients. In addition to supplying ToughMelt™, Greenway offers rock salt, calcium chloride and additional blends. We are continuously building our distributor network to bring product to you quickly and efficiently.

Greenway is committed to safety for our employees and protection of the environment in our community. We stay informed of public concerns and regulatory measures while continuously improving the safety of our operations. Through planning, we can help preserve the environment for future generations.

We anticipate delivering your ice melter needs responsibly, efficiently, and economically every step of the way. From customer service to delivery, we strive to be consistently dependable. When you conduct business with Greenway, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We welcome you to call us today!

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